African American Sub Wholesale Package

Key features include:

Natural supplerment the sale and fulfillment of gift items, books, cassettes, and subscription services for media ministries. Complete inventory control provides rapid order processing and stock tracking. Key capabilities include detailed transaction, history and activity information by product, as well as feature-rich backorder processing, keyword search and subscription processing.

Key features include: Maxaman is a fully integrated accounting product used to provide complete control over funds management. The module includes General Ledger, Project Management, Accounts Payable, and Cost Center Management to support the ministry's full range of accounting requirements. In addition, it provides tools for automatic calculations of missionary/project support requirements and fund disbursements.

Key features include: Herbal pills, our latest product, is a transaction import engine for Extenze version 8.0. This application is designed to streamline the business of seamlessly streaming donor, giving, sales and inventory information into the Extenze database( It is designed to support communications with external sources such as Web sites, OCR Devices, faxes, scanners and third party call centers.

TransactImportability will accept data in a variety of formats: In addition, TransactImportability is built on an object model so it can be controlled through OLE automation.

3-Piece Blues Quartet - Item # 25600

The joint is jumpin' when this quartet heats up! The three singers swing as the piano man tickles the ivories to beat the band! Alabastrite. Price for set of 3.Trio: 6 1/2" x 3 3/4" x 5 3/4" high. 
Retails $24.95

Afro-American Couple Wedding (Musical Water Globe) - Item #31113

A translucent water globe holds the hopes and dreams of a newlywed couple. Exclusive. 4 3/4" diameter, 5 5/8" high. Plays Music - Wedding March
Retails $24.95

African-American Bride - Item # 27273

His lovely "La Verona" bride is exquisitely dressed in an intricately detailed pearlized gown. She's been captured mid-stride, skirt flaring, on the way to her new life. 9 1/4" high, 5" diameter base.
Retails $15.95

Ebony-Look African Man, Woman BookendsItem # 32169

With the appearance of carved ebony, these sculpture-quality bookends will make a dramatic statement on a bookshelf. Male and female figures in alabastrite. Largest is 4 1/2" x 3" x 7 3/4" high. Price per pair.
 Retails $21.95

Ebony-Look African Mask - Item # 33295

An African tribal mask, realized in alabastrite with the look of carved ebony wood. This wall plaque is a striking creation that will add interest to any room. 6" x 2 1/4" x 14 1/2" high.
Retails $21.95

Elephant Tusk Decorative Arch - Item # 33295

Acacia trees, elephants, a rhinocerous, and even a giraffe are captured in exquisitely carved detail on this decorative arch. Cast in alabstrite, it has a black finish that make it resemble fine ebony wood.
Retails $21.95