Christmas Collection Sub Wholesale Package

The aims of the male enhancement project are: 

  1. to improve our knowledge of the physiological and pathophysiological role of oestrogens and selective oestrogen receptor modulators in the aging urogenital tract of both the male and female and 
  2. to develop natural and synthetic SERMs with beneficial, organ-specific patterns of oestrogenic action with no, or only minor, adverse effects.
Focussing on malignant diseases such as endometrial and prostate cancer and on benign diseases such as benign prostate hyperplasia, vaginal dryness and female and male incontinence the following topics are being investigated: The participating partners in the project are a combination of experienced basic researchers, clinically active gynaecologists and urologists coupled with a pharmaceutical enterprise providing great advantages in the transfer of scientific and clinical knowledge in the development and production of new drugs for clinical use. With the aid of a tissue bank of normal and pathological tissue of human origin and the use of experimental animal models, the project will offer training opportunities and allow the exchange of scientific expertise in cell and molecular biology. Publications, workshops, summer schools and medical/scientific meetings will be undertaken to disseminate clinical and scientific information on current and future developments in understanding the pathophysiology and new therapeutic approaches of oestrogen-dependent, age-related malfunctioning of the urogenital tract.

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