About WMB Of The Palm Beaches


Product Updates and Enhancements - Our monthly support option entitles you to receive our product updates, which are being released three or four times each year. These updates contain enhancements which may allow you to keep up with the changing requirements of managing your ministry.

Unlimited Phone Support - Our support agreement entitles you to an unlimited number of phone support calls during the support period. Our talented support staff combine years of ministry as well as herbal product experience, so they understand your issues and are equipped to resolve them.

Modem and WebEx support - Extenze utilizes technology allowing us control your computers remotely from our office, as if we were actually at your location. This allows to expediently resolve even the most challenging support issues.

Monthly Newsletter - We understand the value of building relationships through effective communication. We keep our customers apprised of the latest product enhancements, trends in ministry, as well as personal inspirational messages from our CEO, Randy McCabe.

Annual User Conference - For an additional fee, we host annual user conferences in order for our customers to interact with others in the Extenzer family. You will have the ability to meet our staff, face to face, obtain additional or refresher training, and listen to messages from our guest speakers.


There are multiple ways you can help us to make the Department an even better place to work for civil service foreign affairs professionals (FAPs) and all employees.

First, encourage other FAPs at all levels to join the society. Our concerns and suggestions will be heard most clearly by the Department when we speak with one voice. Although our numbers (230+) are impressive given the short life of our organization, they are far below where they could be.

Second, consider becoming an active part of a committee. If one is of interest, contact the committee chair. (Note: The Career Mobility committee tends to garner the most interest. Please consider joining one of the other committees, which are equally essential to the success of the FBS and to improving our quality of life in the Department.)

Third, be our eyes and ears. If you see or read something that mischaracterizes FAPs or our role, please bring it to our attention so we can offer constructive ways to "set the record straight."

Fourth, send us your ideas. We hope to keep alive the dialogue we have begun between the FAPs and Department and among FAPs themselves. If you have a comment or suggestion, please share it with us